A Next-Generation Agency Representing The World's Most Talented Opera Singers.

Our work is based on a deep understanding of the art of opera and on the insight that career management for the world’s best operatic talent was in need of reinvention. Everything our agency does is based on three principles: laser-sharp focus on a handful of exceptional artists, true partnership, and real impactful work.

Focus. Partnership. Impact.


Our goal is not to build a big agency – it is to build the best agency for the small number of artists we work with. All our work is focused on opera singers, and we are committed to working with only a very small group of the world’s most gifted artists. We believe that this intense focus is the only way to create value for truly exceptional talent.


We believe that true partnership between talent and talent management is the bedrock on which the best artistic careers are built. We work closely with artists to understand their challenges, motivations, and goals. We believe that every opera career has a unique path and that alignment is key to long-term success.


We believe in the value of hard work. We understand how much consistent effort and deep dedication goes into the development of opera’s most compelling voices – and believe that artists should demand the same level of effort from an agency. We work together with artists to understand where we can be most impactful, and strive to apply the same standards of intensity and determination to our work as they do to theirs.

If this sounds like the way you always thought your agent should think and operate, we would love to hear from you.

Our Founder

Millia Dibner was born to a musical family and developed her deep appreciation for opera from an early age. She set up her agency following an international career in law, marketing and business development where she helped some of the world's largest law firms win business and position themselves optimally in multiple markets. Her combination of a strong legal mind and commercial acumen are rare assets in the talent management space.

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